God and Omnipotence: Aquinas’s Take

Does Limiting God remove His Omnipotence? Today in class I was in discussion with a classmate of mine about the nature of God's omnipotence. She made an interesting claim that the God of Aquinas is not all-powerful. I went on to explain that Aquinas's take on God was that God is indeed all-powerful in that … Continue reading God and Omnipotence: Aquinas’s Take


Fetuses and the Moral Community

Here is an argument I presented over a Facebook post on abortion. If you are a human being, then you are part of the moral community. A fetus is a human being. Therefore, a fetus is part of the moral community. Justification of premises: Premise 1: Either a human being is part of the moral … Continue reading Fetuses and the Moral Community

Modified KCA

I'm not sure if something similar like this has already been published somewhere academically or on the web. If so, please link it and accept my apologies, and I'll give credit where it's due.  I came up with this by just sitting in my room and arguing with my girlfriend's best friend about her atheism. … Continue reading Modified KCA