Monthly Archives: September 2014

Where did time go? Well, I’m going to stop apologizing for lack of posts since this seems to be a reoccurring theme. I’ll just post what I can, when I can! But I do plan on doing some posts. I’m about to start reading David Lewis’ “On the Plurality of Worlds.” I’m just tied down a bit with weekly papers for class. But I will be doing that, and it would be cool to do a blog precise of each chapter as I go through the book outlining the argument. I also plan on doing something lighter in terms of rigor. I’m currently reading through the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I figured it would be pretty neat to blog about some of the Christian themes that I pick up on as I read and to offer some of my thoughts on its application for our lives. I’m also reading Athansaius’ On the Incarnation. I think there are some good ideas there for a theodicy or something of the sort. That’s another project that I’m about to get started on with a friend of mine. So, let us hope and pray that I actually follow through and get it started soon. 🙂